JinYuanSheng (JYS) ZR Industry Co., Ltd is one of China’s largest manufacturers of fused alumina-zirconia. Our production process was skillfully designed and developed by experts at JYS to manufacture quality goods. Breaking down the barriers of standard expectations, we have fully invested the past ten years into developing technologically advanced products to serve our clients.

JYS offers high-grade AZ40 and AZ25. Used for making high-grade bonded and coated abrasives, our credible formulas and commendable products ensure high functionality and efficiency to provide clients with optimal experiences. We have perfected our practice to expand across global borders with successful exports throughout Asia, Europe, and America.

The promise of quality does not only lie in our products but also in our customer service. We value our clients as we uphold the guarantee of superior excellence in all subject matter areas. Our new production plant in Zhangzhou is an extended facility that has opened in 2014 to foster this quality associated with our name. JYS continues to look forward to collaborating with clients and vendors on this global scale.



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